Customer Support


Commissioning and Start-up assistance

With help of fully trained Control Seal service team, we can assist you during commissioning and start-up. Commissioning is highly recommended and special discounted service rates are applied for all Control Seal delivered valves.


With help of Control Seal experienced service engineers, we perform maintenance of Control Seal valves at short notice to reduce the downtime to minimum.

Spare parts

We will supply the original Control Seal spare parts for all delivered valves. Given the serial number or tag number, we can ensure that you will receive the correct spare parts of the highest quality.

Valve overhaul

We can do the overhaul of old valves and turn them into a new one. Testing procedures according to standards will be performed to ensure the valve functionality and quality inspection will be performed as for a new valve. Spare valve can be installed instead of the overhauled one to prevent plant stop during the overhaul. Spare valve can be delivered as bare stem to reduce cost.


In cooperation with Control Seal, we provide operational training, technical training and actuator training. All training can be done on-site, at Control Seal center in Iran or at Control Seal factory in the Netherlands.